What can CryptoPal be useful at?

CryptoPal platform is build on solid Domain Driven Design and microservice patterns. We believe, that those choices provides most of the good development experiences. As we aim to build platform for our community, we don’t exclude developers and will open all our services to be publicly available for everyone.

At CryptoPal we focus on data for people and machines

Iterative and incremental problem solving combined with tens of thousands of professional experience hours gives this result.

Exchange Aggregation
  • Cryptocurrency Balances
  • Historical Crypto Orders
  • Open Orders
  • Order Management Tools
Portfolio Management
  • Cross-Exchange Order Management
  • Order Scheduling
  • Order Tracking
Fundamental Analysis
  • Capital Movement Analysis
  • Fundamental Portfolio Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Community Analytics
  • Crypto Market Openings
  • Price Changes
  • Market Events
Crypto Analytics

Fundamental Analysis

CryptoPal platform keeps a virtual eye on many news and data sources that are related with your portfolio. We simply aggregate it to provide alternative projection of that data. For example take all Tweets about cryptocurrency or ICO you are interested, count the sum of words and provide the 90 percentile (or other)

Exchange Aggregation

There are many Crypto Exchanges out there with very varying quality level of APIs available. Offering different services for the customers. Interaction with many exchanges requires integration to be individual per exchange. We believe we can make life easier at this point by providing a transparent service that unifies exchanges under single API

Crypto API as a Service (AaaS)