CryptoPal Platform features

We aim to provide scalable and extendable platform to serve as a foundation for the future. Each system part is made with scaling and security in mind.

Capital Movement Analysis

In order to understand market behavior, market capital tracking will be implemented to show movement origin and size.

Real-time Sentiment Analysis (SWARM)

Social tools emerging from observations of social influences often criticized for being an effect, rather that cause.
We can see, that even influencer level people can be harmful to the community.
The simplest solution is “not trust a single person, trust community”.

Community Analytics

Tracking community growth over most popular communication channels by time and compare those trends for different crypto coins is one of the exemplary features that the platform is offering.

Queryable Analytics

Initially, we plan to expand our data collection to support major social media channels.
By providing dynamic filtering options we can build engine for any data community wants.

API as a Service

The work that’s needed the most is integrations. Integrations with exchanges, cold wallets, other providers. We think this value should be available for consumption. Therefor we will allow Cryptopal community to access and use our APIs.

CryptoPal Utility Token

Creating a micro-economy model inside the platform. Giving value to the all data movement process and adding initiatives for users to start sharing their data, voting for data approvals and creating a gamified social network where community creates their mixed data together with CryptoPal.

(More details to be revealed in future)