Cryptocurrency analytics and

exchange aggregation

About CryptoPal

What exactly is CryptoPal?

CryptoPal is cryptocurrency analytics and exchange aggregation hub based on Social Behaviour Intelligence.

This means that main functionality reveals itself as a platform where you can paste your exchange API and have an accurate and life analytics of your portfolio:

  • Balance
  • Asset distribution
  • Detailed historical valuation
  • Asset distribution over exchanges
  • Coin search with Google Trends analysis
  • Possibility to make you Watchlist of followed coins

How do I create my CryptoPal account?

The main core functionality is free to use for everyone.

To create an account press ‘register here‘ or any Click to Action button on our home page.

All you need for registration is email and strong password.

After a moment you should get a verification email.

Now all you have to do is connect your exchanges to our platform via API.

How to connect your exchange via API?

Easy, Pal.

On your right-hand side top corner, you will find “Account settings” button -> “Exchanges”.

Now all you left to do, is to connect to your exchange, go to settings and create an API Key and Secret with “Read Only” option.

(Some exchanges might ask to use 2FA authentication, that is completely legit as it gives your account additional level of security)

On CryptoPal platform choose any exchange form the list.

Make sure to copy paste your API Key and Secret to CryptoPal platform.

Finally, press “Add” and you have your exchange synchronized with our platform.

P.S. At the same page, if you scroll down, you can find tutorials on how to find API on most popular exchanges.

Will CryptoPal work on my mobile device?

You can download our mobile app for Android smartphone.

Also, you can easily browse our platform with mobile browser.

Our app is still in the testing regime, as we just launching an MVP.

Please join our community on social media and leave your comment how should we improve our product.

Thank you, Pal.

What means MVP?

We want to give some nice features to our community, not promises.

That is why we are launching our MVP or minimum viable product.

For you to start using our platform and application and become early community member and tester, who will get all new features first to try.

Also, Pal, don’t forget to let us know your feedback on social media channels.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

Your account is completely private but if you want to join our community, you will have to create a social account for other community members to see your portfolio and for you to see theirs.

How secure is the admin area?

As we are using this platform daily, we want to keep it secure.

All credentials are stored in a distributed storage.

Credentials are stored encrypted and even transmitted encrypted.

Also, Pal, don’t forget to turn on 2FA Authentication security level on your exchanges, this will make you sleep much better.

When you create your API Key and Secret, keep in mind to choose the option of “Read Only”, as we do not take a responsibility for your own mistakes.

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