Crypto Analytics

and Exchange Aggregation

For Crypto lovers who need to track cryptocurrencies, CryptoPal is a central hub for data collection and aggregation. Unlike regular exchange, we provide the single place for all Your trading insights and analytics.

More than 90 exchanges supported

CryptoPal platforms currently supports more than 90 most popular exchanges. We have distributed node network placed to be close to main exchanges to ensure best data collection experience.

Real-time data via WebSocket

Data is our priority, therefore we offer realtime price ticker from multiple exchanges including weighted averages!


CryptoPal is all about community. We encourage people to share their trading experiences. And close to realtime notifications on your trading influencers.

Exchange aggregation

We have integrated more than 95+ exchanges like Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex and many others. Using distributed nodes we collect information about your or your client’s crypto movements and provide that in a consumable API.

Crypto Analytics

Crypto Analytics

Technologies behind cryptocurrency name hides wast amounts of data. We collect not only social data, but fundamental as well. And we prepare it for you.

Crypto API as a Service (AaaS)

We have beautiful platform for you. We expose all our RESTful APIs. Everything from 8000+ crypto markets to cryptocurrency analytics ready for you. For our partners we offer White-label level integration.

Crypto API as a Service (AaaS)
Social Trading

Social Trading

Create a social account and start sharing your portfolio distribution with your followers. Built a trust and help educate a community.
Make a step further and follow everyone who has a social account.
This helps you to find new ideas for portfolio management.

"Easy to use tool to keep 100% accurate track of my cryptocurrency investments"

Alex Sadovskij

Available on mobile
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We are happy to offer you an Android app. It’s still in beta testing, but we rely on You to help us improve it.